Rabu, 31 Januari 2018

MY INSPIRING PERSON ( biography of Sean Lew )

HELLO GUYS! Today i wanna share mini biografi about my
favourite and one of billion person who always make me smile and get inspired to survive in real live. It is............
Sean Chrles Lew, you can called him sean or seanny. He was
born in Walnut,California, USA. On 25th November 2001. He's the 3rd child of 3 siblings. His first sister is Sarah Lew and the second is Serris Lew. his father Cheuk Lew and his mother is Miya Lew. He is a mixture of Chinese and Japanese, because his parent. He has many hobbies, and one of them is that brought him success in his career now. His cuteness, loyal and warm person make me admiring him so much.
First, Dancing
“Dancing is my passion!” said Sean. He practiced dance since the age of 4 years in the Mather Dance Studio. 
He choosed ballet for the first type of dance that he wanted to learned. Thats the proof, because he can did the octo-turn / pirroute and Fouette Turn as well in Indonesia mean is ‘muter-muter’. 
In addition to ballet, he is also an expert talent and really good at hip-hop and other contemporary. He got his first professional job at age 8 as a dancer in Glee. 
 He has appeared on The X Factor as a stage dancer, at the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards. Sean is incorporated in ImmaBEAST Company ownership of Willdabeast Adam.
 Now he has stepped on the TeenBeast step. DO NOT WRONG! go ImmaBEAST there is a hard test if u wanna really want to participated it.Sean is also The Pulse On Tour Alumni. 
The pulse is like a dance haul that every year gaves birth to great dancers. He is a part of Boysquad, a famous dancer group before. The member are Kenneth San Jose, Gabe Deguzman, Will Simmons, and Josh Price. 
            I remember when He once published a choreography video on his YouTube channel featuring Lady Gaga's song "Applause" and became viral on the internet and became an overnight and stellar sensation. His dancing skills have brought Sean to Japan to teach dancing with his friend Rikamaru Chikada (native to Japan). 
Not only Japan, he has teachig in Korea, Mexico, China, and there’s more. Soon he will be teaching
at Philipines in an event called Asia Camp. He also often makes his own
choreography and upload it on social media, because of his unique,
characteristic, gentle and expressive body movements make his choreography
liked by many people and make him be a professional choreographer.

Second, Cooking
In addition to his talent of dancing it turns out that Sean also have the talent of cooking too. He once participated in cooking competition Rachael VS Guy Kids Cook Off and won the first prize .. All the prizes he got from this race he donate to orphanage.
Third, Acting
He loves acting too. He has appeared in series shows on a television channel and has starred in commercials. He has also appeared in an episode of See Dad Run, starring Scott Baio.
Fourth, Playing Instruments
Sean is also good at playing musical instruments. He can play Piano and Drums. But Sean admits his hobby is this one just for fun if he does not have time.
There so much things  i wana share to you all guys, but thats all for now J
Oh you can keep in touch with Sean by his social media below
Instagram              : @seanlew
Snapchat                : @dontyouever
Twitter                   : @seanlew1125
Ask.fm                    : @sean_lew1125
Facebook Page      : Sean Lew
Youtube                 : Sean Lew
“ It never comes from being born with talent, it always comes with hard work.”
-          Sean Lew


Rabu, 24 Januari 2018

SAY HELLO TO PUG! (describing animal)

Hi! Today I wanna describing the animal. It is PUG!!!

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Canidae
Genus: Canis
Species: C. lupus
Subspecies: C. l. familiaris
Breed: Pug

Physical characteristics

While the pugs that are depicted in eighteenth-century prints tend to be long and lean, modern breed preferences are for a square cobby body, a compact form, a deep chest, and well-developed muscle. Their smooth and glossy coats can be fawn, apricot fawn, silver fawn, or black. The markings are clearly defined, and there is a trace of a black line extending from the occiput to the tail. The tail normally curls tightly over the hip.
Pugs have two distinct shapes for their ears, "rose" and "button". "Rose" ears are smaller than the standard style of "button" ears and are folded with the front edge against the side of the head. Breeding preference goes to "button" style ears.
Pugs' legs are strong, straight, of moderate length, and are set well under. Their shoulders are moderately laid back. Their ankles are strong, their feet are small, their toes are well split-up, and their nails are black. The lower teeth normally protrude further than their upper, resulting in an under-bite.

Pug Personality

The highly intelligent Pug gets easily uninterested with routine exercise and training. It carries a laid-back attitude, though requires a good amount of attention from its handler otherwise, it gets jealous. It is a good watchdog and loyal companion. Pugs tend to be quite clean and affectionate, though have the habits of wheezing and snoring. Nevertheless, they are quite lovable and well behaved around children and strangers, other dogs and pets.
Sometimes playful and clownish. Sometimes calm and dignified. Always sturdy and stable, good-humored and amiable.
Though peaceful with all the world, the Pug will sound off with his rather odd-sounding bark when visitors arrive. Then he will welcome them inside with snorts, snuffles, and grunts.
As is the case with most short-faced dogs, his large expressive eyes, wrinkled forehead, cocked head, innocent expression, and strange sounds bring out parental feelings in many people.
Indeed, a Pug is very childlike and always needs to be with you. If not spoiled too much, he can be depended on to maintain his sweet, comical, charming personality.
Pugs are fine with other animals. (But they can be jealous of another pet sitting in your lap.)
Though stubborn, Pugs seldom get into real mischief. Adults spend much of the day sleeping.

Pug Skills
In the past, the Pug rubbed elbows with nobility as a lap dog, and served as a carrier of messages to Napoleon from his wife, Josephine, while she was in prison in 1790. It remains, to this day, a popular companion and proud show dog. It can also perform tricks and do well as a watchdog.

Pugs Sleep an Average of 14 Hours Per Day
A pug can have running speed around 3-5 mph
pugs are prone to catching a cold because of their short snouts

Newborn stage (1-6 weeks)
Time to get home (8 weeks)
Teething begins (3-4 months)
Puberty (4-6 months)
Adulthood (1-year-old)
Senior (8 years old!)


1. What is the family of the pug?
a. Canis lupis
b. Canis lupus
c. Canis Familiaris
d. Canis
 2. What happens with lower teeth of the pug?
a. Protude than the upper
b. Grow as usual
c. Doesn't have any lower teeth
d. Protude to the back
e. There is nothing happen with the lower teeth
 3.Why can pug call a lazy dog?
a. Love to walk around
b. Pug is an amiable dog
c. Uninterested in training and exercised. Have a short body
e. Love to swim
 4.Mention personality of pug
a. Cruel
b. Shy
d. Playful
e. Ignorant
 5. When the pug in a senior stage?
a. 1-6 weeks
b. 3-4 months
c.1234 years old
d. 1 year old
e. 96 months

Rabu, 08 November 2017


Hello guys!

Today i wanna tell you about an event in my school. It is a cultural festival with the theme of traditional and modern. 

So, in the morning at the date. We all gathered at saparua. We are preparing for carnaval which is every class have a couple candidate to show us tradional clothes. We walked from saparua to bali field. After we arrive, we took a rest and i decided to went home and changed my clothes.

At 1 pm, i decided to came back to bali field.
Before the guest start show, there some performance who entertained us like mp3, band, tst, performance from other school and so much more. Bacause im hungry, i went to food area and ate. Time goes so fast and night came. This is what im waiting for, watching performance of Elephant kind, HIVI, Didi ninik thowok, Vina Candrawati and the guess stars ofcourse NIDJI!! 

Im happy that night, forgetting about homework and school project. Throwing up that problem and refreshing that night.
I went to home at 12 am.

Im tired ofcourse, but this is the best experience i ever felt.

Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017


Hallo everyone! 
 are you confused to choose a destination for your holiday?
don't worry, i have a recomended destination for you.

when your holiday is coming, it would be an unforgettable momment if you spend your holiday in Mount Fuji, Japan.

Mount Fuji is located in the border of Shizouka and Yamanashi, West Tokyo.
Mount Fuji is the highest and the holiest mountain in japan. with the top of snow, makes mount Fuji is totally have amazing scenary. not only enjoy the view, we can also climbing the mountain in July and August. in the north Mount Fuji, you can visit Art Fujiten Snow Resort. in this place you can do some cold sport like ski. 
Then don't forget to visit Chureito Pagoda, the most photographed pagoda in Japan.
Chureito Pagoda which consist of five levels, was built in 1896 as a symbol of peace. you can see fantastic view of mount Fuji from here, but before that, you must climbing stairs up to 400 steps lead from Arakura Sengen Shrine to the pagoda. 

That would be best holiday ever if you go to Mount Fuji and Chureito pagoda.

here a pict of mount Fuji and Chureito Pagoda

you can watch the video on youtube, but the link i will send it soon.

Sabtu, 26 Agustus 2017


Yesterday, i should went to the event called world tournament at school. i was unable to attend, because there is an event at my neighborhood. the event to commemorate the birthday of independence day of indonesia to seventy two years. so, i will tell you about the event that i did.

Friday,  after school is over i attend a meeting the committe sacrifice. After the meeting is over, i decided to go to my board and prepare myself to go back home. i return to home use train. arrived at Bandung railway station at 16.52 while the train set at 16.57 . that was to close, because if i late then i have to wait the next train. And i arrived at Rancaekek railway station at 17.50 more or less, then my father pick me up.

The next morning, i woke up at 08.00 then do my usually routine . after all my morning routine finished me with my other friends are going to decorate stage. here a photo when us decorate the stage.
 we finished decorate the stage at 13.00, after a mini break i went to cake shop, to took orders. at 16.00, children gathered to get ready dress up for the show tonight. so with me, tonight i got a job as a host with two of my other friends. therefore i also did some make up. i wear kebaya ( javanese blouse) tonight.

The event start at 19.40 until 23.30, a lot of appearances shown by children, such as traditional dance and modern dance. therea are band performance, vocal grup and many more. Head of the village also present to participate this event. woah very exciting momment. Here some photos, at event

 thankyou for my sister for help me totake this photo.

Kamis, 24 Agustus 2017


Holiday is soon, so i decided to ask one of my friend about her planning for holiday.

Vira : " Hello Renna!!!"
Renna: " Hi Vira!"
Vira: " Ren, the holiday is coming soon, so what is your plan for holiday?" 
Renna: " I will go to Bunaken National Sea Park, with my family."
Vira: " Oh thats great. So what are you gonna do in Bunaken?" 
Renna: " To enjoy the beautiful under the sea scenary."
Vira: " Woah, so you are gonna diving right?"
Renna: " Yes of course, but i am less skilled at diving." 
Vira: " How long do you holiday in there?"
Renna: " For a week."
Vira: " Are you sure you just doing that? i think there's a lot of activities to do in there."
Renna: " I dont know, im confused, but after trip in Bunaken I will go to Singapore."
Vira: " Wow, i hope you have a great holiday Renna."
Renna: " Thankyou."

Kamis, 17 Agustus 2017


The story when I was in Junior High School, that time there was a scout event, which is a camping activity in the camp earth kiarapayung, Jatinangor.
At that time, we set out on an army truck from school, along with another team.
Backpacks and camping supplies such as tents, pegs, sticks, etc. are placed separately using a boxed car dedicated to carrying luggage.
 A long trip from school to earth camping about 2 hours, and after arriving there we went straight to the pavilion, where backpacks and other camping tools are stored. When I reached the pavilion, it turns out all our backpacks are united. I think the committee will separate the items per team, but it does not. So,i started looking for my backpack,There are so many red backpacks that I happen to also wear a red backpack, I was having trouble finding it, but after a long time i found my backpack. and get together soon with my team.
Because it was late afternoon, me and my team immediately set up a tent. After the tent finished, we take care of our belongings and arranged them to be fined. when i opened my backpack, there is something strange. UH OH! this is not my backpack. I took out the contents of the backpack, I knew I was wrong and had no right, but to just make sure, it was not a problem right?
In the backpack a lot of strange things, obviously the stuff is not mine. I immediately panicked, then I immediately went to the committee and reported this incident. The committee said that they will find my backpack, but the fact, they just silent.

I'm panicked, because in my backpack there are a lot of valuables, such as money as well as change of clothes for camping. What if someone took it? If it happens my mother will be very angry. I also took the initiative to find my backpack by visiting the tents of other teams.
And.....I CANT FIND IT!!!

At that time I was resigned, where as my teammates friends also helped me to find my lost backpack. But suddenly, there is a boy came to me with the red backpack. and he said " is this your backpack?" while he handed the backpack to me. i took the backpack and opened it. IT WAS MY BACKPACK! OH MY GOD! IM SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!
and i said " THANKYOU VERY MUCHHH, YOU ARE MY SAVIOR, ONCE AGAIN THANKYOU SO MUCH!!" with the happiest expression. and he said " no problem, but can you take my backpack back?". Because happy, I forgot that our bag was swapped, I immediately went back to the tent and took the red bag and turned it around.

That was my saddest and happiest experience i've ever had.
thankyou :)