Kamis, 17 Agustus 2017


The story when I was in Junior High School, that time there was a scout event, which is a camping activity in the camp earth kiarapayung, Jatinangor.
At that time, we set out on an army truck from school, along with another team.
Backpacks and camping supplies such as tents, pegs, sticks, etc. are placed separately using a boxed car dedicated to carrying luggage.
 A long trip from school to earth camping about 2 hours, and after arriving there we went straight to the pavilion, where backpacks and other camping tools are stored. When I reached the pavilion, it turns out all our backpacks are united. I think the committee will separate the items per team, but it does not. So,i started looking for my backpack,There are so many red backpacks that I happen to also wear a red backpack, I was having trouble finding it, but after a long time i found my backpack. and get together soon with my team.
Because it was late afternoon, me and my team immediately set up a tent. After the tent finished, we take care of our belongings and arranged them to be fined. when i opened my backpack, there is something strange. UH OH! this is not my backpack. I took out the contents of the backpack, I knew I was wrong and had no right, but to just make sure, it was not a problem right?
In the backpack a lot of strange things, obviously the stuff is not mine. I immediately panicked, then I immediately went to the committee and reported this incident. The committee said that they will find my backpack, but the fact, they just silent.

I'm panicked, because in my backpack there are a lot of valuables, such as money as well as change of clothes for camping. What if someone took it? If it happens my mother will be very angry. I also took the initiative to find my backpack by visiting the tents of other teams.
And.....I CANT FIND IT!!!

At that time I was resigned, where as my teammates friends also helped me to find my lost backpack. But suddenly, there is a boy came to me with the red backpack. and he said " is this your backpack?" while he handed the backpack to me. i took the backpack and opened it. IT WAS MY BACKPACK! OH MY GOD! IM SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!
and i said " THANKYOU VERY MUCHHH, YOU ARE MY SAVIOR, ONCE AGAIN THANKYOU SO MUCH!!" with the happiest expression. and he said " no problem, but can you take my backpack back?". Because happy, I forgot that our bag was swapped, I immediately went back to the tent and took the red bag and turned it around.

That was my saddest and happiest experience i've ever had.
thankyou :)

Kamis, 10 Agustus 2017

Example of Dialogue When You Meet Someone Acidentally

Vira is walking while she is drinking her juice, but suddenly someone bump her and the drink spill, but fortunately didn't hit it.

Someone: "OH!! im sorry."
Vira: " it's okay, but next time you don't playing with your handphone while you walking in the public places. that can harm people."
Someone: " Yeah, im sorry. i won't repeat it again, i just replace your drink yup?"
Vira: "No fine, it's okay."
Someone: " No, no. I will replace your drink."
Vira: Well, if you insist."
Someone: " By the way,  what's your name?"
Vira:  " My name is Vira, and what's your name? 
Renna: " My name is Renna."
Vira: " Oh, where do you live?"
Renna: " I live in Cibadak street. How about you?"
Vira: " Oh, i live in Rancaekek."
Renna: " Is that far away from your house, why you school here?"
Vira: " Because this is my dream school."
Renna: " So, you got back to Rancaekek then back again to Bandung ?"
Vira: " Yep, more or less like that."
Renna: " When it's your birthday?"
Vira: " 2 May, and you?"
Renna: " 11 January."
Vira: " What's your favorite food?"
Renna: " I like ice cream, and you?"
Vira: " I like chicken cordon bleu."
Renna: " What's your favorite subject?"
Vira: " I like English subject. How about you?"
Renna: " I like Math subject. Hey im sorry, but my class is start in five minutes again."
Vira: " Me too, so i hope we can meet again. Bye!"
Renna: " Bye!!!"

thankyou for read it, i hope u all enjoy it :)

Kamis, 03 Agustus 2017



Welcome to my fisrt post!
Because this is my FIRST blog, the first thing im gonna introduce myself.
My name is Vira Nurul Sayidah and u guys just call me vira or vii.
i was born in Garut, 2nd May 2002 West java, Indonesia. im 15 yo, and now i class 10th at SMAN 3 Bandung. my hobbies are cooking, reading, and love dancing. my fav food is chicken cordon blue and my fav drink is mojito. im the first child, so i have siblings..yeayyy.
i have one little sister, her name is Arum. she is in 4th grade. and one little brother his name is Wisyam. he is still in kindergarten haha. maybe thats all the little intoduce, if you wanna know about me more? just send a messages to me and we can be friends. i will write my social media below.

instagram: viirans
line: viira_ns
Whatsapp: 089646907818
email: viraazizah6419@gmail.com

now, lets just talk about some random stuff. first, let me talk about my school!!

as i said before, im study at SMAN 3 Bandung. this is my first year im in high school. im so grateful, because i can study in this lovely school. thanks GOD :)
Thats mean, i have so many new friends from the other school before and at the same time im desperate with my old friends. i now thats hard to do, but this is for my future so yeah.. its okay for me. that coolest thing of my school is about the people. from the headmaster, the teachers and the staff, also the students are kind and warm. there is no BULLYING in my school. and im feel save and comfortable to school in here. so i think thats all abou the stuff, im getting writerblock. sorry about the grammar im bad though hahah..

so see you in the next posttt!!!

peace and love